Yellow, but not a submarine!

Do you know that in Elizabethan times it was allowed to wear yellow (and some other colours) colour only to the people who were specified by law? That's because in those times judging by the colours in which a person was dressed, you could easily guess his social position. And now, for most of us, yellow is associated with hope, rebirth, and it radiates optimism and happiness. Also many people believe that yellow colour can stimulate all our mental processes including our memory (that's why many students prefer to wear this colour when they pass exams) and nervous system as well. There is a long list of yellow gemstones: quartz, amber, garnet, citrine, beryl, tourmaline - all these gemstones are found in the yellow colour. Do you want to give everybody around some beams of the sun? Do you want to be always a witty and pleasant company to talk with? You can make it easily just getting on some piece of jewelry that is yellow. In addition to all this, in the USA yellow colour is closely tied with school buses and taxis, as they are yellow - and it is a tradition. School buses are painted yellow, because early in the morning and lad in the evening black letters are seen best of all exactly on the yellow colour. As for the taxis, (which by the way tend to be yellow all over the world), the answer is simple - yellow colour is the easiest of all to notice. Wanna be spotted at once in any company or party? Yellow gemstones in your bracelet or a necklace is the best solution!