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What is Glow in the Dark Jewelry

For some jewelry the same technology as glow sticks is used. Such jewelry producing glowing effect comes in the form of necklaces and bracelets. There is a tube containing a mixture of fluorescent dye and phenyl oxlyate.
Other type of glow in the dark jewelry has a battery-powered LED light. This light attached to the backing of the jewelry and can be made into pins, earrings and rings. Tongue rings and navel rings production uses such setup.
glowing belly button barbell Led blinking tongue barbell

What is a Conch Piercing

What is a conch piercing? It is a form of ear piercing through the cartilage. It may involve the outer or inner conch of the ear. The process of conch piercing is done with some sort of sterilized gun or needle. Needles are chosen more often because they are more precise than guns which can make error. During the process the area is hold in place by a clamp. Conch piercing has almost no risk of being displaced or rejected by the body.

Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

Modern world requires from people not only professional skills but real self-confidence and attractive outlook. People have been trying to find the ways to look better and more attractive for centuries. We have invented and used clothes, accessories, diets, sport, meditation, make-up and jewelry, of course, for this and others reasons. Body piercing jewelry is ancient type of body decoration that is in vogue nowadays.

Navel Piercing and Jewelry

The choice of jewelry nowadays is very huge and there are multiple types of piercing that have become so popular that we don't even realize that 30 years ago, for example, the society would protest against it. Making the choice of piercing type we take into consideration our lifestyle, our favorite body parts, the degree of acceptance in society and just feel what piercing is for us and what not.

Body Piercing Guide

Body piercing has been widespread among different cultures for centuries. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians decorated their bodies with tattoos and piercing to protect from the evil, to show their wealth and power, as a part of religious ritual and for other reasons. Nowadays body piercing is usually done for the sake of beauty, as a part of musical culture and to get unordinary outlook.

Body Piercing Information

People who are going to pierce the body or who has just done it always have questions which should be answered to make them feel comfortable and sure what to do and what not, how to make the right choice of jewelry and its material, etc. Here is some information about body piercing that answers piercing frequently asked questions.
Bars used in tongue piercing are measured depending on the length of the bar; rings are measured by the width, or by the diameter.
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