Paint the town RED!

Being a stimulant, no wonder that when men see 'lady in red', it influences them like a red rug to a bull. Red is believed to increase enthusiasm, raise confidence and have some protective powers. Summer, fire, South, romance, passion: and many more vivid associations are found with this colour - RED. And in the rainbow this colour is the highest arc. Ruby, sapphire, garnet, tourmaline, jasper, coral, bloodstone - all these and many more gemstones are found in the colour of love - red. There are two main contradictory words which are associated with this colour - love and aggression. It is a common knowledge that red is the colour of the planet Mars, and Mars in his turn is known to be the God of war. Depending on a hue, you can either make a statement of yourself and make everyone around pay attention to a particular element in your outfit by wearing earrings with a vermeil red ruby or put on a dim red sponge coral and hypnotize all around by its 'calming down' effect. If you are going to a job interview add some self-belief to yourself by simply putting a sort of red gemstone in your bag - you don't obligatory have to wear a piece of jewelry. Aiming at red carpet treatment - red colour (either in your clothes or in jewelry) is the answer! And again, by putting on either some bright and vibrant hue of red colour or eclipse red - you'll find yourself in the centre of everyone's attention. In general, it is believed, that those people who wear jewelry with red gemstones are more energetic, stronger and healthier, as red gemstones are said to have some powers which double all the mentioned above characteristics. By wearing vibrant red gemstone in your piece of jewelry, you somehow say "I'm sexy, vigorous, dynamic and joyful. Make all your days - red letter days by choosing a red gemstone in your bracelet or necklace!