Choose a proper gemstone by its colour!

Our world is bright and colourful! In general there are about 50 trillion of colours in the world. Of course we can't distinguish all of them. Our eye can discern about 7 - 10 million of colours - still unbelievable, right? From the very early ages people used colours to express thir feelings and emotions, sometimes social status and religious beliefs and so on. As we know there are 7 major colours - Richard (red) of (orange) York (yellow) gave (green) battle (blue) in (indigo) vain (violet). The most beloved one among adults is blue, and the second place is taken by green. But blue is also the least appetizing colour and previously this colour was a colour of servants (in ancient Rome), while pink, for example, makes you feel tired quickly. Black is considered to be the colour of bad guys and violet or purple are colours of kings, queens and cardinals. The most relaxing colour is green and brown colour means genuineness. And, by the way, the colour of a thing is about 85% of the cause when people buy something. Besides it's a common fact that up to 90% of the first impression we produce, depends on which colours we are wearing. But it's advisable not only to follow your personal taste when choosing a colour of your clothes and accessories, but also it will be useful to know what each colour means - in such a way you will know which colour is better to wear for the first date, for an interview or when meeting with his or her parents for the first time. We all should know exactly which colours can stimulate everybody's attention to your personality and which will play a calming role. Don't buy things (clothes and jewelry) out of the blue! First think about the colour and then win all hearts!