Why People Wear Jewelry For Thousand of Years

Jewelry has been known to humanity for millennia and there have always been various reasons for wearing it. Time, culture, styles and other factors influence it. Depending on time and place, the designs and styles of jewelry vary greatly. But there are some common facts such as, for example, the higher the social status of person, more expensive material of jewelry. There are also unique examples- Victorian Imperialists wore jewelry from animal bones as Neolithic man did. Organic jewelry is still popular with some people nowadays. The world of jewelry is changing but remaining attractive, interesting and beautiful.

large ear piercing organic jewelry

In Medieval times people started tradition of wearing charms that were believed to ward off frightful spirits and ghouls and to attract positive energies. Later such way to attract positive came in the form of cross charms. The ancient Egyptians used truth charms and jewelry to protect the passage into afterlife and to ward off perceived enemies. Jewelry has been often associated with religion. Ancient Greeks widely used jewelry and wore it because jewelry for them expressed religiosity while in Islam gold jewelry is prohibited for men. Many jewelry items in China and other places have been adorned with Buddhist symbolism.

Being put to many uses including protection, religiosity, status and wealth, jewelry has become the way of documenting an important event of life. For example, a person wore a plain bracelet or a necklace and she/he adds the charm when important event happens to remember it in such a way. If you want to start such tradition in your family or with your friends, give your close one elegant sterling silver necklace with a first charm symbolizing just happened event in her life and add new lovely charms to it each time you have the reason for it (it may be birthday, celebration, graduation, marriage, carrier event, etc.).

sterling silver necklaces

Such jewelry as brooches has been used not only for the sake of beauty but for functional reasons to keep clothes in place. Hair slides don't only look great, they fix the hair. Jewelry can also change appearance and put the accent on best features and hide the worst. This way stylish gold dangle earrings can make the round face look thinner and round large hoops make thin oval face look more elegant.

But still the most important reason for people to wear jewelry nowadays and through the history is self-expression and the sake of beauty. Women want to be attractive and to appear stylish and elegant for other people and men also like to add elegant piece of jewelry designed for men in some situation. And of course, the tradition of wearing wedding bands makes every person closer to the jewelry world.