What is a Conch Piercing

What is a conch piercing? It is a form of ear piercing through the cartilage. It may involve the outer or inner conch of the ear. The process of conch piercing is done with some sort of sterilized gun or needle. Needles are chosen more often because they are more precise than guns which can make error. During the process the area is hold in place by a clamp. Conch piercing has almost no risk of being displaced or rejected by the body. And the pierced area may be stretched to accommodate larger pieces of jewelry. Usually barbells and rings are chosen for a conch piercing.
Outer conch piercing results in piercing of outer cartilage of the ear and simple barbells are good for this type. Inner conch piercing is better for people with innermost shell of the ear and this part of the ear adjacent to the ear canal is pierced.
The period of conch piercing to heal depends on the person and is heals generally faster if all aftercare directions are followed. People with conch piercing should clean the piercing twice a day within first two weeks with antiseptic solution. The piercing shouldn't be touched and if you feel uncomfortable or have secretions from the wound longer than 6 months after the piercing, you should consult your physician. Though conch piercing procedure is considered simple and most body modification artists can perform it, you'd better pierce your ear in trusted salons with sterile equipment.