What is a Choker Necklace

What is a

Young ladies in many countries wore red ribbons around their throats as symbols of the people who had perished at the guillotine during the worst excesses of the French revolution and it was the earliest use of the ribbons as the gesture of solidarity and sympathy with victims. And the chocker necklace may have developed from such fashion of wearing the ribbon around the neck. In the Victorian era a chocker necklace might feature a cameo. At that time cameo was a type of carved medallion worn as a pendant on a ribbon tight around the neck. Chocker necklaces were popular in the Roaring Twenties when people wore them to call attention to attractive and slim necks and call attention away from the deficits of other parts of the body or the face.
Nowadays chokers are especially popular in gothic culture as well as among most designers who want to make forceful fashion statement. Leather choker necklace with metal components looks really impressive. Chokers with medallions and choker necklaces in various colors are also available and you can complete your outlook choosing the matching color and design.