Toe Rings

Summer always comes too suddenly and it's better to be prepared for it beforehand. One of the hottest summer jewelry fashions is a toe ring and sterling silver toe rings are on the top of popularity. When you are on the beach, your nice feet and toes will look great with a stylish anklet and a lovely toe ring on them.

Toe rings have a rich history and are symbolic within certain cultures. Let's discuss the sizing, materials, history, meaning and styles of toe rings in India and Western cultures.

Toe rings have special names that depend on the ethnicity of the wearer. In India a toe ring is worn on the big toe of the left foot only by married Hindi women. There are also cultures in which men wore a ring on the big toe to symbolize the masculine strength.

In India a toe ring is the same as a wedding ring in Western culture. In the US toe rings are designed to accent ankle bracelets and sandals being mainly fashion accessories.

In Hindi religion generally silver toe rings are worn by married women because gold is the material symbolizing respect and status and Hindis wear gold only above the waist. In Western countries toe rings are available in any materials from steel to gold.

In Western countries people wear toe rings in the third or the second toes of either foot barefoot or with sandals. The size 3 or 4 for females and the size 5 or 6 for males of a toe ring generally fit the second toe.