Renaissance Jewelry

Our history is our past and future and our world passed numerous epochs and times. Some were tragic and unhappy, some calmer and better. Renaissance is one of the most interesting times in the world history (the 14th-the 17th) when in the late 15th people began the long "travel" in the search of beauty. And jewelry was the important part of this search. Jewelry began to take more accentuated meaning of being decorative things and ornamentation for beauty and symbolized wealth. During those tense years the rich used jewels as the easily exchangeable and portable type of money.
The essential part of the jewelry of the Renaissance made pelicans, parrots and other exotic animals because the jewelry copied beautiful things of real life. The Renaissance jewelry was available in exotic and vivid colors. Large stone with smaller jewels on it was widespread design of jewelry pieces.
Diamonds were there too. Until that time these magnificent stones were in disfavor because they were colorless and cabochon style of cut was used. In 1475 jeweler from Bruges produced the diamond cut he called "perfect cut" and the rose cut developed in the 16th. The next three centuries rose diamond cut jewelry was popular.
The Renaissance was the time of discovery of new world and jewelry designers and customers discover new variety of animals and jewels. Mexico and Peru were conquering and the findings of gold and silver in greater quantities made possible the creation of more jewelry.

renassance pearl necklace
A gorgeous collection of rare gemstones was displayed in the court of England- exquisite silver, enamel and gold settings shone. Pendant was the most popular type of jewelry during the Renaissance. Extremely popular thing was baroque pearl, extremely large pearl of irregular shape). The Renaissance pearl jewelry could be seen on any rich of that time.
renassance necklace
The medieval craftsman was the only created cameo jewelry that will probably never be surpassed. The first portable watch was made in the 16th century. They were worn from the waist and came in variety of shapes including medallions.
Gemstone jewelry became vivid and eccentric with the use of enamels, colorful stones, faceted diamonds and baroque pearls. Future collectors and craftsmen were greatly influenced with such jewelry masterpieces.
Pageantry, passion and romance remain in the Renaissance jewelry collections of today. Vintage design jewelry has been popular for centuries and nowadays we can wear it with elegant outfits and not only and feel the atmosphere of those ages.
Due to the portraits of that epoch we can enjoy the beauty and imagine ourselves real Renaissance jewelry in all its shine and specialness.