To Pierce or Not to Pierce

Humanity has been interested in piercing the parts of their bodies from time immemorial. And ears, earlobes exactly, have always been top popular place to be pierced. Ancient people used to wear various piercing gear. Historians suppose that they used it for religious and traditional matters. In such a way Tlingit tribes of the northwest coast of America used piercing to denote generosity, nobility and welfare; people of Ancient Greece wore earrings in the shapes of sacred birds and demigods; Romans preferred accessories inlaid with gems and Egyptian elite regarded golden rings as the best adornment which used to show the owner's rank in society...Times passed, fashion changed rejecting piercing. Its popularity decreased due to enormous hair wigs which ladies and gentlemen of the Middle Ages used to wear. Tons of make up, artificial hair and elaborated gowns were quite enough to look impressive. Still noble Spaniards returned the tradition of earrings and then passed it to France and England. Massive precious ear accessories decorated the earlobes of the cream of the European society. Even William Shakespeare and English monarch Carl I pocked the trend. ..In modern world ear piercing started gaining its enormous popularity in 1960' s. Punk movement of the 70's added some fuel to the fire. The piercing culture has been expanding its horizons ever since.

Most people have their ears pierced at an early age. Standard gauge of the needle is 20 ga. It makes a small nice hole. If you feel like stretching it and making an extraordinary look - there you go. A whole industry has been working for it. With the decrease of the gauge number your actual earlobe hole increases. So when you say "00 ga" be prepared to see a hole the size of a bull's eye!

There exist extreme ways of increasing the gauge size immediately by cutting the patch of skin at a time, which is called scalping (just like the instrument used for it - scalpel). But it's rather a radical way. You need to talk to your piercer and learn the details. As the procedure is painful and literary there is no way back. You won't be able to heal the hole. Only sewing it up will make the hole disappear if what.

Stretching is much easier and fun. Day by day, size by size, millimeter by millimeter you'll increase the opening controlling its width and playing with different styles and designs. Inserting various earlobe plugs and flesh tunnels will help you estimate your unique look visually and see when you finally get the ideal gauge size. Ear helix jewelry as well as hole expanders are going to be of great help to you in creating your own individual piercing style.

You will find loads of jewelry items, ideas and designs. Just choose the ones you like best. But remember that although piercing is a hot trend nevertheless it's a physical invasion. Thus be sure to choose only quality materials and professional piercing experts. Good luck!