Nostril Piercing and Jewelry

Body piercing is the hit of the modern society and million of teens all over the world as well as numerous adults including celebrities pierce the body for the sake of beauty and as the way to show off the best parts of the body. Piercing is versatile and any person can find something matching his/her own understanding of beauty and style.

There are various types of piercing that are always in sight and most of them look really elegant and attractive. Nostril piercing is such a lovely and always in the public eye type of piercing of the face. It penetrates the soft cartilage surrounding the nasal passages. The location of nostril piercing depends on the nasal anatomy of the person and one location on the nostril may look better for one person and worse for other. And it's important to find your perfect placement with the piercer before inserting the needle.

Nostril piercing is almost painless procedure that is quite simple but the healing period may take long time because the bacterial and germs always present in the nose. Colds and allergies also have negative impact on the healing of nostril piercing. And it's necessary to keep the piercing clean out and inside to prevent infection. And girls who used to wear make-up should take a pause during the healing period.

The choice of starter piercing jewelry is important. Nose studs and nose bones are the option if you are going to wear it always and don't plan to change the jewelry. Why is it so? To remove the nose bone you would have to force its swollen end through the flesh. Nostril screws and studs are great for already healed piercing and captive bead rings are more conductive for healing. They are much easier to clean during healing. A stud as well as a screw or a bone is difficult for getting around and cleaning properly. You can easily move captive bead ring. it won't fall out while you are exercising or sleeping. And you can change the jewelry to more stylish nose bone or whatever once your piercing is healed.

There are so many stylish and elegant designs of nostril piercing jewelry one can hardly imagine. If you need cheaper jewelry, sterling silver nose bones and L-shaped nose pins with stars, round and square ends, heart-shaped nose bones are the option. If you want to wear chic and brilliant nose jewelry, consider gold diamond nose pins in variety of colors and designs. Diamond nose rings in white and yellow gold as well as in platinum are available in different gauge sizes and designs.