Necklaces Types and Styles

Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is available in variety of shapes, designs, styles and materials nowadays. It's not always easy to decide what necklace is best suited for definite occasion. You can mix several necklaces to compliment your neckline and to show your individuality. But of course there are some types of necklaces that are more popular and are more often chosen.
Collar necklace is usually designed with several strands lying along the central part of the neck and it is 12-13 inches in length. Boat-neck designs and off-shoulder designs will look great with a collar necklace. Women with V-neck are advised to choose this elegant type of necklaces.

Collar necklaces

Business and casual dressing look great with Matinee necklace. It will add a touch of sophistication and style if worn with professional attire. This 20-24 inches necklace is also perfect for formal gowns, long and flowing sundresses. Almost any neckline will look great with this mid-length necklace.
Choker type of necklace is the most practical and classical of all single length necklaces. It usual length is 14-16 inches. It suits almost any outfit from casual attire to elegant evening dress. Chocker necklace is almost necessary part of the jewelry collection of any woman. Sterling silver choker is the piece of jewelry you may wear wherever you go.
Choker necklaces

The queen of all necklace length is the Opera necklace. It is 28-34inches in length and its classical beauty adds elegance and style to the outlook. High or crew necklines look great with opera necklace. You may knot it above the bust or at the neckline to create a vintage look.
Tunnel-neck and turtleneck look great and plunging and low necklines are complimented with the Princess necklace. Its elegant yet simple style and its 17-19inches length make this type of necklace perfect for hanging a pendant.

Pearl rope necklace is classical beauty of jewelry. Its length of 37 inches makes it possible to tie it into a knot that looks really stylish. Deep sensuality and rich beauty of this jewelry piece was so loved by Coco Chanel.
It's important not only to choose the right type of necklace for you but the matching style of it for different occasions.
Small pearl necklace will do for workplace. If you don't like pearl jewelry, consider simple sterling silver necklace of middle length or glass beads strands. Elegant gemstone necklace will also be suitable.
pearl necklace

For formal events, jeweled or diamond necklace will be perfect. Vintage design necklace and modern large charm necklace will add flair to your outlook at dressy occasions.
Necklaces are usually not worn every day, but if you want to create your own unique style, your jewelry collection is better to contain many necklaces in various designs and styles to match any item from your wardrobe.