Navel Piercing and Jewelry

The choice of jewelry nowadays is very huge and there are multiple types of piercing that have become so popular that we don't even realize that 30 years ago, for example, the society would protest against it. Making the choice of piercing type we take into consideration our lifestyle, our favorite body parts, the degree of acceptance in society and just feel what piercing is for us and what not. The level of pain plays significant role in the choice of some people as well as the fact if the piercing can be hidden or it's always in the sight.

Belly button piercing is one of the most loyal from all sides. It can be easily hidden and only at the beach or when you have to be undressed people will find out that your navel is pierced and it's up to you to decide whether you do it for yourself or want to show it off. Navel piercing is almost painless procedure and it heals quite unproblematic if you take all proper care. Of course, there are many risks connected with navel piercing but when treated properly it heals good and rather fast.

If you have belly button jewelry, you have to clean it several times a day. You should make sure that your piercing is healing correctly and you should clean it very carefully. Special piercing healing and cleaning solutions can be used and you have to clean the back and the front of piercing, so you should turn it every time while cleaning. Turning also helps make sure that the skin doesn't heal around the jewelry and exposing to the air. If you keep your navel piercing clean and dry, the healing will end successfully and you will enjoy beautiful and healthy piercing and will show it off when you want.

The choice of belly button jewelry is yours but it's better to discuss it with your piercer. There are various types of navels and some require definite jewelry and definite type of belly button piercing. The main thing about the choice of jewelry is the choice of material it's made from. Some people have extra-sensitive skin and reacts badly on certain materials. As a rule, surgical stainless steel, gold and silver are the materials that may cause allergic reaction and irritation as they contain additional alloys. Titanium belly button rings are considered the best choice as titanium contains minimal amount of additional alloys, it's lightweight and hypo-allergenic. But some people can wear gold belly rings without any troubles and feel great.

After the healing time is over and the piercing is totally healed, you may try to wear another jewelry designs and choose another materials. Belly button rings with acrylic balls, dices and what not at the ends are of great popularity as they are cheap and you may change them as often as you want matching your daily clothes.

Belly button piercing is really great and we see that most celebrities have their navel pierced and show it off. Britney Spears, for example, was one of the celebrities who have made the belly rings so sexy and feminine. If you haven't your belly pierced yet but you would like to, don't wait and go ahead (of course, you should make sure the piercing shop is sterile and everything is all right there and your piercer is professional beforehand).