Jewelry of the Victorian Era

Do you like antique style, elegant jewelry? It is mainly inspired by Victorian jewelry and here is some information about the Victorian era in British history when this fine jewelry was produced.
The Victorian Era is associated with elegance, romanticism and the innocence of a time. This era gad great cultural impact on cultures closely related to Britain and on Britain itself. It lasted from 1837 to 1901. A number of fashion and style trends were set in Britain by Queen Victoria during this period which is associated with formal modes of dress, rigid rules of etiquette and fussy home decor. Diamonds, metals and minerals were incorporated into jewelry of that period and the jewelry started to change radically under the influence of Victoria.

Victorians contract the services of artisans to make rings, brooches and necklaces and commissioned them for each other as gifts. Some jewelry of Victorian Era is hand made ad it reflects a high level of jeweler's skills. Some jewelry was made in factories involving human influence and with a note of individuality. There were several types of jewelry which were the most common in that period- cameos and mourning jewelry, for example. The Victorian jewelry is heavily set with jewels for riches or glass for less wealthy Victorians and tended to be ornate.
It is easy to distinct Victorian jewelry by its elegance and heaviness, lots of diamonds, corals and jets. Reproduction jewelry modeled after or inspired by real jewelry of the Victorian Era has been made by several firms and is still produced. The beauty and strict yet lovely elegance of Victorian jewelry is highly loved by women all over the world.