History of Earrings and the Modern Earrings Types

History of earrings dates back more than 4 thousand years. The continent of Asia is the place of origins and roots of earrings wearing. The evidence of paintings and sculptures which date back several thousand of years tell us that both men and women wore earrings in India. Nowadays Indian women still wear earrings to make the childbirth easier.
The archaeological searches helped to find the evidences that were scientifically proved- the first earrings were made around 4500BC. The tomb of Tutankhamen is the place where earrings were found. And it proves that the Egyptians wore earrings (especially men).

In ancient times earrings were a visible status symbol and position in society. Paupers and kings wore them for that reason. There was a belief among pirates and sailors that wearing earring in the left ear would protect against the fury of the sea. Bodily adornments were essential part of many primitive cultures and earrings was one of them in most tribes. Let's take as example the Massai tribe of Kenya. They begin to stretch the earlobes from early childhood. They consider the person physically beautiful if by the time they enter manhood they have as many earrings as possible.
Later silver and gold were malleable materials the earrings were crafted in for wealthy people and the poorer classes got used to cheaper materials. The trend to add precious stones began much later in the Roman Empire. Women of that time wanted to increase the value of earrings as well as their beauty.
The popularity of earrings has changed through the ages in western societies. It depended on the fashion trends of the times. In the time of popularity of high powdered wigs in the sixteen century the earrings were not so popular. In Elizabethan England earrings were worn by men as well as by women.
Of course, earrings have evolved material, shape and design through their history. Ear piercing called earlobe is the standard and most of women in America, Europe and all over the world wear earrings. The choice of sterling silver earrings, gold earrings and earrings in less expensive materials is probably the widest compared to other jewelry types. Dangle and hoop earrings, CZ stud earrings and plain ball stud earrings, hoop and clip-on earrings are available in variety of designs, sizes and colors. It's important to find the type of earrings perfectly matching your skin one and your face shape to look really good. And it's easy to find the necessary information on Internet.
Properly chosen earrings will add a hint of elegant beauty or (if you want) fun to the outlook, make the face look longer or rounder if necessary and just make you feel special and attractive.