Hip Hop Jewelry Fashion

Hip hop culture is highly respected nowadays. Most young people listen to rap and enjoy the bits and texts full of the truth, life and reality. Hip hop is the style of life and thinking as well as it influences the wardrobe. And here we'll speak about hip hop jewelry.

Hip hop jewelry consists of extravagant and flashy accoutrements. Originally they were designed to show the status of the wearer. "Bling"- that's how it is called. Various styles of hip hip jewelry have shifted with time, for example from gold to platinum and white gold. But hip hop jewelry is still classified by its use of gold and diamonds and is used to be seen showing off.
Most hip hop stars adorn themselves in designer glitzy jewelry and fashion brands to celebrate their success. Eminem, for example, likes wearing multiple large diamond medallions and chains and diamond studs in each ear.
After the first hip hop MCs and groups burst onto the scene in the early to mid-80s, the specific hip hop jewelry appeared. Kurtis Blow, a pioneering rap icon, started the trend of wearing several necklaces together. The group Run DMC popularized the style of wearing chunky gold chain necklaces with the thickness of a real rope. Mr. T introduced the style of wearing many gaudy necklaces from gold at the same time. A large clock around the neck with a gold necklace was worn by Flava Flav from Public Enemy.
Gold was the standard material used in jewelry during the early age of hip hop and ot changed in the 80s. P. Diddy and Jay-Z brought in a new age of platinum jewelry and designer clothing where diamonds, silver and white gold became popular. The more diamonds, the better. Grills also became popular- many hip hopers cover the teeth with diamonds and they can even feature names or messages and can be customized.
"Bling" style in diamonds and platinum isn't affordable to everyone, so there is a wide choice of affordable "bling" jewelry in faux gold and cubic zirconia nowadays. Bracelets, heavy chains, large rings, stud earrings, belt buckles, dog chains and watches in platinum, white and yellow gold, silver and diamonds- these all are hip hop jewelry.