Facts about Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is rather rare type of ear piercing which you won't run across every day. And this fact makes it eye-catching and so attractive. Tragus is the little nub of cartilage in front of the ear canal and when it is pierced ear gets completely new outlook.

What does tragus piercing procedure look like? The thick cartilage requires more pressure to puncture and therefore tragus piercing is commonly performed while you are lying down with your head still in the position. It is done with hollow curved or straight needle. The ear canal is protected with a small cork and it also catches the needle tip after it goes through the cartilage. Then the jewelry is threaded through the hole. First jewelry for tragus piercing considered the most comfortable for this location is captive bead ring.

Does tragus piercing hurt? There are very few nerve endings in the location of tragus piercing and therefore it doesn't hurt too much. What you really feel, it would be the pressure which the piercer needs to pass through the thick cartilage. So, don't worry about tragus piercing pain.

What about tragus piercing healing process? It will take about eight weeks for tragus ear piercing to heal. You should take proper care for it remaining diligent to avoid getting any infection. Three times a day you should clean the pierced area with special cleaning and healing solution washing both behind and in front of the tragus. Some solution should be worked into the piercing hole and you can do it gently rotating the jewelry while disinfection. If there is any crusty build up caused by drainage from the area- try to resist the urge to scrape it away. It can cause injury and the material pushed into the piercing will become a seed for infection. Try not to touch your piercing with piercing or whatever except the moments you disinfect it with special solutions. And of course your hands should be clean before that. Avoid kissing and whispering in your ears until your tragus piercing is completely healed. You'd better to change your pillow case every day to reduce allergens and bacteria. For a first time after piercing, try to wear button up shirts to avoid snagging your ears.

What is the most popular tragus piercing jewelry? A ring is probably the most popular choice of jewelry for tragus piercing. It is the classical choice and smooth segment rings and variety of circular barbells look really great and lovely in tragus ear piercing. Tragus barbell is also a widespread choice and nowadays a huge selection of up-to-date and eye-catching designed straight, curved and spiral tragus barbells is available. Others choose tragus piercing studs with a flat back plate sitting neatly against the skin. It means that you can wear headphones comfortably and your ear canal isn't obstructed.

So, if you are searching for extraordinary ear piercing, give tragus piercing a try. This unique piercing of the ear looks great and you'll undoubtedly enjoy your new style!