The Dog- Chinese Horoscope

The Dog is likeable Chinese zodiac sign. The dog person is sensitive to others reacting with the same feeling with those who have suffered an injustice. He/she is always there when their friends need it and they always keep promise and take on any responsibility. Taking everything very serious the Dog people can often complain of weather, traffic and other stuff but getting older they take such criticism less seriously. People born in this year want everything to be done in its best way, they can be easily upset and don't except oppression and injustice. Dog people are very good friends you can always rely on.
In love the Dog person is loyal and generous, honest, open and romantic. They enter relationship when everything is balanced. As they are idealists, their partner can't do wrong and if it happens they do their best to help the person they love.
Acting responsibly, being reliable and steady workers, the Dog persons can be trusted with sensitive information and they understood everything properly. It's important for dog people to have a clear sense of their job and its final aim. The Dog person looks after the interests of his colleagues and friends at work and create harmonic and peaceful atmosphere there. They can work as a member of team and be an accessible leader.
The Dogs' ideal jobs are nun, teacher, nurse, judge, scientist, lawyer, social worker, researcher, trade union leader, doctor and community worker.
Lucky numbers of the Dog are 1, 4, 5, 9, 10, 14, 19, 28, 30, 41, 45, 54.
Zodiac stone: Diamond.
Forecast for 2012: The Chinese Year of the Rabbit has magnificent possibilities for all Dogs. Single Dogs will be lucky to find very special person for them. April, June, August and December will be socially busy months and in this time dogs will possibly meet someone new who will play an important role in their social life. March and September to November are the most favorable months on the work where increased self-respect and confidence will garner the respect of colleagues and friends. Financial situation will improve and the dogs are likely to take a trip or two during 2012. Dogs should pay attention to all paperwork this year as documentation can be delayed, lost or be incorrect. Renewed interest in fitness, outdoor activities and health will benefit the dogs vitality and zest for life. The challenging years can be left behind and the dog can enjoy happy and a most gratifying year of 2012.
Perfect gifts for the Dogs in 2012 are:

  • diamond jewelry because this stone brings the Dog persons luck and improve their health;
  • Dog charms