Costume Jewelry

Among the variety of jewelry available nowadays costume jewelry is the most popular for casual wear as well as parties and going outs. Costume jewelry is made of imitations of precious stones and cheap metals. It is flashy and popular among people who want to have jewelry with a hint of fun as well as among set and fashion designers.

costume jewelry
First costume jewelry was used on the stage for props and as a cheap way to make jewelry sets for the stage look livelier and richer. It was designed to be visible to the audience and it means it was larger than life jewelry. Actors became attached to those additions to the costumes and started wearing costume jewelry during the day as well. And costume jewelry was a way to dress up without spending too much money for people with low income.
Nowadays costume jewelry is not always cheap. Faux and vintage jewelry can be quite expensive and it can be fun as well as a serious fashion statement. Since Coco Chanel popularized it, costume jewelry has been worn by famous and rich people for such reasons as security and fashion. It is convenient and wise to have costume jewelry replicas for expensive pieces to avoid the risk of losing them.
Tin is the metal used in costume jewelry to resemble expensive metals such as silver, gold and platinum. Fake stones made from paste or glass or real semi-precious stones are also used in costume jewelry. They are large and usually involve flashy cuts. Costume jewelry is available in all imaginable styles from imitation pearl necklaces to Victorian inspired brooches. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and other jewelry pieces come in costume as well as a standard form and, by the way, you can make it at home with your own hands.