Buying Jewelry for a Woman

One of the best gifts for a woman is jewelry. Fine and chic jewelry is what any woman will be happy to receive and of course she should like its design and style. So, buying jewelry for your wife, lover, sister or mother you should take into account some things before you make the final choice.

Here are some basics which you should take into account:

What jewelry has she already got? If she has many rings and earrings with gemstones, she would probably be glad to receive a lovely two-tone bracelet or an elegant Vintage / Antique design ring.

Does she have any allergies? If you are not sure about this, you'd better choose platinum jewelry because it is hypoallergenic.

What is her favorite jewelry metal? Maybe she is crazy about natural materials or gemstones?

What is her lucky stone? Find it out trough her zodiac sign.

What style of jewelry does she prefer? Think over the jewelry she wears all the time- is it bold style or classic look? Try to choose for her the jewelry wearing which she will feel the most comfortable.

What are her fingers sizes? Does she have small square hands or slim delicate fingers? Track around the inside of her current ring and measure it on a ring size guide.

Does she prefer jewelry with a tradition behind it? A wishbone and a horseshoe symbolize good luck while trinity ring is a symbol of the past, present and future of relationship.

What shape of the face does she have and is her neck long or short, etc.? For example, a short neck needs pendant or necklace to complement it and long chandelier earrings. Short and plump fingers require thin and elegant ring while long and thin fingers will look great with wide and solid ring.

What jewelry fit in her lifestyle? What is her work? If you are buying the jewelry for casual wear, you should thing over its hardness and other factors.

If you are buying pearl jewelry answer the question: what tone of skin does she have? Pink and rose pearl jewelry suit blonde hair and pale skin; cream and white pearls are perfect for brunettes and dark skin.

And don't forget about a beautiful packing with bows and ribbons. Women appreciate it if you have made a real effort searching for the gift and not only the gift itself is important for her but the way you give it and the feelings you put in it.