Body Piercing Information

People who are going to pierce the body or who has just done it always have questions which should be answered to make them feel comfortable and sure what to do and what not, how to make the right choice of jewelry and its material, etc. Here is some information about body piercing that answers piercing frequently asked questions.
Bars used in tongue piercing are measured depending on the length of the bar; rings are measured by the width, or by the diameter.
Gauge is the thickness of jewelry. And the larger the gauge number, the thinner the jewelry.
Piercing is done with a hollow piercing needle that passes through the body and creating the hole there. And the piercer inserts the jewelry in that hole.
Don't use pain medication such as aspirin and others the week before and after the piercing procedure to avoid more bleeding.
The price of piercing includes actual piercing cost that depends on the pierced part of the body and the cost of jewelry material. Nose and ear piercing are usually cheaper than piercing of nipple, tongue or navel. And plastic and surgical stainless steel piercing jewelry is cheaper than gold jewelry.
New piercing should be properly cleaned to prevent infection and this is the most important information you should know. Here are the steps to avoid health risks.
Before you touch or clean the piercing area, wash your hands with water and soap. Warm water will help you to remove the crust from the jewelry and from the site. Use non-iodized sea salt mixtures or fragrance free saline solutions to was the area around the piercing and do it gently. Use paper towel or napkin to dry the area and avoid towels. Try not to over-scrub and over-wash the piercing area to avoid irritation. Don't use peroxide, alcohol and other harsh products for cleaning. If you are exercising, rinse the piercing after it to avoid irritation caused by sweat. If you have pierced lip, tongue or genitals, avoid the contact of your piercing with other people's body fluids and it also means you should avoid oral sexual contacts for at least first month of healing. If you have fresh belly button piercing, avoid wearing high jeans and irritating fabrics, belts, tight clothing and leotards. Loose fitting clothing of soft fabric is what you need during healing time of your navel piercing. If you have facial piercings, avoid using lotions and cosmetics around the piercing. Avoid sand, tanning beds, lotions and sunlight during healing time. Rinse your lip or tongue piercing with alcohol-free mouthwash or warm salt water mixture for 30 to 60 seconds after snacks and meals. Try to it healthy food rich in minerals and vitamins and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
Take all the care you can after your piercing and it will soon look great so you can show it off with pride and shop for fashionable body piercing jewelry.