What Should We Know About Jewelry

Jewelry has become integral part of our life and there are some facts we should know about it to keep our jewelry good-looking, to make the right choice and to feel comfortable wearing this or that jewelry piece.
Durability of jewelry is one of the most important factors when we shop for expensive and quality jewelry. Any piece of jewelry worn every day will wear over time regardless of circumstances. The length of time may be different but the result will be the same. If you choose gold plated jewelry it will last for a year of everyday wear while has thick layer of gold not to discolor for long time. 14k gold jewelry is considered almost lifetime used normal wear. Of course, the most jewelry is not worn every day and 14k gold earrings, pendants, bracelets and pins are perfect choice.
Fragility of jewelry is another question. Any jewelry requires thought but wire jewelry with soft stones even more than hard stone wire jewelry. Wire jewelry should be kept away from things that may pull hard or snag on the wires. You'd better prefer hard wire jewelry to avoid getting caught on loose chains and frayed threads inside the shirt's placket.
Any jewelry requires cleaning and there is a difference of the way you should clean the jewelry depending on several factors. Gemstone jewelry shouldn't be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners to avoid cracking of the stones. Use special jewelry cleanser safe for definite stones. Keep the jewelry away from bromine, chlorine and all cleaning products that contain these chemicals. To keep sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing and keep wire jewelry clean, use a toothbrush and a tooth paste to clean it.
And what do we know about inclusions? They may be good and may not. Cabochons with inclusions usually add beauty and interest to the stone. This art work of nature is attractive and most women like it. If you want your stone to reflect as much light as possible and create great sparkle, faceted stone jewelry is your choice.
Price is another important thing about the jewelry. If you prefer gemstone jewelry in best quality metals such as platinum or gold, you should expect higher prices. One gemstone jewelry piece may differ greatly from another piece of gemstone jewelry as there are precious and semi-precious stones and their cost can be low as well as really high. Nowadays many women choose costume body jewelry because it's cheap and available in multiple designs to match any wardrobe. Sterling silver jewelry is also popular due to its magnificent sparkle, affordable price and availability of shapes.
And don't forget about moderation. There shouldn't be too much jewelry on you as well as one piece of jewelry may not be enough.