What gifts any woman doesn't want to receive for Christmas

Christmas is coming! Guys, have you already prepared magnificent gifts for your girl-friends and wives? Whether your answer is yes or no, you'd better look through the following list of gifts and decide which mistakes you want to make and which it would be better to avoid.

  1. Weighting machine. ANSWER is NO!!! If only your partner is in sport or in ballet and her previous "teller of the weight" is broken. Otherwise you are going to get a smack or even to be free from your partnership.

    Instead of it you'd better chose something unique and special- for example, a stylish jewelry for helix ear piercing! (Don't be surprised- I have several ear piercings myself, as well as my husband does and I advice you to choose the one matching your style, if you haven't done it yet, and do it!).

  2. Gym membership. ANSWER is NO!!! Even the thoughts about it should never come into your head! Even if your loved one asks you about it herself, you should give her a pleasant and full of love smile and say: "Oh, honey, what do you need it for? You look great! What gym? Forget about it! I love you". You'd better give her a lovely earlobe spiral barbell which will highlight the beauty of her magnificent eyes and attractive face.
  3. Make-up or cosmetics. ANSWER is NO!!! Even if your girl uses it and does it pretty well, it's not you who should give it to her. "She is so beautiful without it, her natural beauty is awesome. And she doesn't need it at all". These are the words any woman wants to hear.

A much better present will be an elegant rook circular barbell, which will make her nice ear look even more attractive and eye-catching adding a hint of mystery to her outlook.

I could make a very long list of gifts which any woman doesn't want to receive, but I hope you've already got the main idea- don't give your loved one anything you don't want to receive yourself! And the other thing- there are multiple types of ear piercing and every person can find the one fitting his or her style and making the ears look amazingly attractive! And I wish you a merry Christmas!