Traditions of Gifts Giving in Different Countries

If you are searching for the gift to the person of another culture and religion, you should take into consideration his/her traditions of gift sending. And here is some information about how people make gifts in different countries.

Japanese appreciate the sincerity of sending gifts and those send to Japanese should be appropriate. Well-known calligraphy, handicraft, Chinese writing brush are loved by Japanese. Remember, that the calligraphy shouldn't be too big and the packing should be done carefully. Japanese like to receive gifts with numbers one, three, five, seven and o on except number nine because pronounced "nine" and "bitter" sounds similar in Japanese. And Chinese send gifts with double. There is one more important thing about Japanese- their custom says that personal gift should be sent in private.

In Germany the gift should have chic packing while its price isn't important. They love to receive and give the gifts which will fully satisfy the taste and hobbies of the person.

People in United Kingdom enjoy small gifts such as wines, chocolate, flowers and small craft. They won't be happy to receive the gifts with company tag- it is taboo there.

The champagne, candy, brandy and perfume are good gifts in France. They also like the gifts (picture and books) which reflect the cultural accomplishment.

Arabs like the Chinese handicrafts. High quality gifts for Arabic nation are the sophisticated porcelain insulator, the stone carving animal and the model vivid woodcarving, the chic wood fan, tricolored glazed pottery produced in Tang dynasty. You'd better not to send alcohol and female's images gifts. If you want to send gift to a woman you should do it only through her father or husband.

Of course, it's important to know such traditions and things. And it's also important to remember that all people of all nations love to receive gifts. It doesn't matter if they are small and young, middle aged or old- we all are children in the soul and we know that any child is crazy about receiving a nice gift! Make your friends, relatives and loved ones happy!