The Tiger- Chinese Horoscope

The Tiger type of people has magnetic characters and they are difficult to resist. They are warm-hearted and calm yet fearsome and tempestuous, soft in unexpected places yet courageous in the face of danger. The Tiger persons like meet outstanding people and visiting unusual places. They are not afraid to explore unusual and new and it's rather difficult to interest the Tiger. People born in the year of the Tiger need first-hand experience. They used to trust their instincts. The Tigers are valued by their friends for their optimism and determination, kindness and courage though they may push friends away if they become self-centered and inflexible what sometimes happens.
The Tigers are capable of great love, they are emotional and sensitive. They can be possessive and territorial. They are romantic and passionate lovers. People born in the year of the Tiger are often attracted by independent people who admire tiger's energy and still can manage without them. They are not afraid to express their true feelings and emotions though it's natural for this type to change her/his preferences.
The Tiger persons like to work and they are dynamic and hard-working by nature. They usually choose to operate alone and are in a hurry to get everything done right and urgent. People born in the year of the Tiger will take a task and accomplish it with efficiency and enthusiasm. The strong points of the Tiger type include initiative, optimism and determination. If the colleagues discover that the Tiger has misjudged situation, he becomes flustered.
The Tigers' ideal jobs are politician, entrepreneur, musician, military officer, theatre director, writer, designer, poet, athlete, company director, teacher, explorer, film star and trade union leader.
Lucky Number for the Tigers: 4, 5, 7, 9, 13, 34, 44, 45, 54
Zodiac stone: Sapphire.
Forecast for 2012: Many persons born in the year of the Tiger will decide to take the relationship to the next level or to get married. For single Tiger persons June to September is the time to meet the partner. The Tigers will likely see increase in income due to unexpected windfall or to a pay rise. They can enjoy the monetary increase with careful budgeting and planning. The Tiger people will relax and be provided with a social setting with the help of outdoor pursuits and hobbies. Late spring, August and September should be focused on travelling and spending holidays with friends. 2012 is also the prefect year for the Tiger to visit the place he/she has always wanted to.
Perfect gifts for the Tigers in 2012 are:

  • sapphire jewelry because this stone brings the Dog persons luck and improve their health;
  • Tiger charms.