The snake- Chinese Horoscope

The Snake persons are the most enigmatic and the wisest of all. They can become a political lizard, a philosopher, a wily financier or a theologian. They like to live well, love music, books, fine food and clothes. The Snakes don't like foolish talks and frivolities. They like interesting communication and communicating and they enjoy intelligent discussions and unusual ideas. They are able to judge situations correctly and be alert to new possibilities. People born in the year of the Snake usually don't bother themselves listening to the opinion of other people. They are self-confident and sometimes this side of the Snake's character has a negative load. Faced the difficulties and dilemma the Snake persons act with conviction and speed because they believe in what they are doing and don't waste energy and time on the projects with small potential. The Snakes often make caring and protective friends.
In love the male snakes are charming and romantic. The female snake is successful and beautiful while the male snake possesses a sense of humor. If the Snake person chooses a partner, she/he will be possessive and jealous in relationships. They need to be approved, welcomed, received an accepted with the people they are in contact with. Playful and stimulating, attentive and loving being romantically involved the Snake persons need time to discuss their weakness and to get over their fears. The Snake needs to have a partner who will give him/her enough freedom and at the same time will make him/her feel adored and secure.
People born in the year of the Snake are organized and logical workers and have the qualities needed to acquire new skills. They have an ability to read complex situations quickly and set about resolving them in controlled and quiet manner. They enjoy travelling and negotiation on their own terms. After the Snake person achieves his/her goal, he/she usually withdraws to gather the thoughts and rest but they don't need much time to be ready for new challenges.
The Snakes' ideal jobs are teacher, linguist, psychiatrist, personnel officer, professor, astrologer, interior designer and public relations executive.
Lucky Numbers for the Snake: 1, 2, 4, 6, 13, 24, 42, 46
Zodiac stone: Opal.
Forecast for 2012: The year of the Rabbit will be full of activity and it will be more appealing to than 2010 to the Snake. During 2012 the Rabbits should make sure that they are doing something they really like and then there will be many opportunities for them to express their creativity and talents. With planning and saving the Snake persons will feel that financially this year is much brighter. The time spent at home with friends and family will be treasured and home refurbishments and decorating are highlighted in 2012. The Snakes will get much enjoyment from social meeting connected with work. Friendship and romance will be superb in the year of the Rabbit. The Snakes should have balanced lifestyle to enjoy 2012.
Perfect gifts for the Snakes in 2012 are:

  • opal jewelry because this stone brings the Dog persons luck and improve their health;
  • Snake charms;