The Rat- Chinese Horoscope

People born in the year of the Rat are very sociable and they are full of vivacity and charm. The Rats are ambitious and strong-willed. If something goes wrong, the rat person is the first who will see and take the advantage of the opportunity while others are wondering what to do and how to react. Their humor and lively wit complete any party and they really enjoy all forms of social interaction. The rat people are extremely hard-working. They believe in what they are doing and do it with all their heart. The Rat persons are experienced and talented organizers which are able to handle any difficulties. They expect people be fair in their conduct. Open and gregarious in company the Rats are always welcome though if they are not understood they take a critical side. They don't like to be cornered or pushed and guard their privacy jealously.
In love people born in the year of the Rat are attentive and passionate partners which are not afraid of showing their true feelings. At the start of relationship the rat type is overflowing emotions but if they re not returned the same they may grow cool towards their loved one. The Rat wants to be part of his/her partner's life. In security they become loving and attentive. Their natural charm and true affection make them one of the best partners.
At work the Rat type is talented ad very organized. The Rats make good politicians and businessmen because of their energy and opportunity to find their own way. Able to adapt to different environments the Rat persons often participate in different affairs simultaneously with their main job. There is one negative capability of the Rats- they may spend the money earned quickly very fast.
The Rats' ideal jobs are: broker, detective, financial advisor, auctioneer, moneylender, songwriter, antique dealer and pathologist.
Lucky Numbers for the Rat: 1, 4, 5, 10, 11, 14, 41, 45, 51, 54
Zodiac stone: Garnet.
Forecast for 2012: The tempo of the year of the Rabbit will be steady and slow bringing steady progress to the Rats. The knowledge and experience of the Rat will be called upon helping him/her to advance quite nicely in the career. April, October and November are well-starred for this. There can be engagement, birth or wedding during 2012 and July, August and December will be special months. The year of the Rabbit is the time for hobbies, developing skills and personal growth and it will bring much happiness to the Rats. All Rats will be taking better care of themselves and feel stronger.
Perfect gifts for the Rats in 2012 are: