The Ram- Chinese Horoscope

The Ram (the Goat) is the most feminine sign of the zodiac and very creative sign. People born in the year of the Ram have a great sense of fashion and are artistically talented. There is a big chance for the Rams to choose a profession where they can create beautiful things and there are many talented painters and designers among the Rams. The Ram persons try not to hurt somebody's feelings and think before acting. They easily deal with life's ups and downs and maintain healthy social life. The Rams value sympathy and approval of people they respect greatly and sometimes they require too much attention and are too sensitive to the real world. The Rams need to feel protected and loved. They are insecure and pull back when they have to make heavy decision. The Ram persons enjoy setting off on journeys to see the world and meet new people because they are wanderers by nature. A beautifully created object, a wonderful view and inspiring music make them really happy. Life's comfort is very important for the Ram.
In love people born in the year of the Ram are darling, sensitive and sweet. Sometimes they can be a little lazy and bossy in relationships though they have caring and gentle nature. They need to feel secure in love and they can feel unsure of the partner if he/she behaves unpredictably and coolly. It's easy to move the Rams to tears because they are extremely emotional. It's really difficult for them to make a conversation with strangers and they are shy to express their emotions. The Rams are likely to meet a partner through friends. The creative spirit of the Rams shouldn't be suppressed.
The Ram persons often have a flair for design and art and choose creative work. They avoid jobs connected with stress and worries. They like to know more about the unknown and you can often find such person working as a fortune-teller or an astrologer. The Rams need the job which will provide them with peace and freedom.
The Rams' ideal jobs are painter, actor, dancer, investor, landscape gardener, escort, television presenter and shareholder.
Lucky Numbers for the Ram: 3, 4, 5, 12, 34, 45, 54.
Zodiac stone: Emerald.
Forecast for 2012: For the Rams wanting a career change or seeking employment the year of the Rabbit starts off brilliantly. Keeping the ear to the ground and by networking, exciting possibilities will come up. Positive changes and work advancement will take place in March, April and September. The Goats will have many chances to attend social outings and make new friends during 2012. The Ram who already has a partner may think over the next, more serious level and single Rams will find the year of the Rabbit thrilling and excellent for romance. February, August and September will especially present opportunities for happy social occasions. Financial situation will look much better than in previous years and the Ram will enjoy taking short trips and buying pieces and bits for their home in 2012.
Perfect gifts for the Rams in 2012 are:

  • emerald jewelry because this stone brings the Dog persons luck and improve their health;
  • Ram charms