The Rabbit- Chinese Horoscope

The Rabbit persons get on well with all people and have culture, grace and beautiful manners. People born in the year of Rabbit are really happy when they are engrossed in intellectual activity and feel uncomfortable in aggressive and competitive environment. The inner world of the Rabbit is too delicate and he/she tends to create comfortable and peaceful atmosphere around. That makes them attentive and hospitable people leading a conservative lifestyle where security is one of the most important things. The Rabbits can emphasize the importance of small details and they relax only when they feel that everything is arranged as they wish. Compassionate and sentimental rabbits are not easy to provoke.
In love the Rabbits are sweet, romantic, faithful and secure. They are great partners and they need tenderness and trust in relationships. Rabbit persons are happy in relaxed and intimate atmosphere. An impudent behavior or careless remark can place doubts in the rabbits' mind and this problem should be solved and discussed to avoid problems in the future and the break. It's important for the rabbit person to have a secret side of his/her life.
People born in the year of the rabbit are doing their work extremely well mainly because they weigh the pros and cons from every angle before undertaking something. Rabbit persons usually prefer work which is reliable and methodical rather than go for business. They have practical outlook and talent to identify opportunity and avoid the trouble. At work the rabbits are valued for their tact and modesty.
The Rabbits' ideal jobs are barrister, counselor, judge, advise, secretary and solicitor.
Lucky Numbers for the Rabbits: 1, 3, 5, 9, 15, 19, 35
Zodiac stone: Pearl.
Forecast for 2012: This year will be a most favorable and stunning for all Rabbits especially regarding career and work. If the rabbit person to change the job and try him/herself in completely different career, 2012 is perfect time to do that. Such changes in this year will make the rabbit person feel happier and will energize him/her. March to May and October to November will be the times of career developments. August, September and December will be socially hectic. Hobby or entrepreneurial idea may help the Rabbit to receive a gift, make extra money or see a salary increase in 2012. The Rabbits who are in partnership will find them more important and serious while single Rabbits are likely to meet someone this year who will become extremely important for them and this relationship will move fast. The Rabbits should call on loved ones and friends for support and advice and get enough rest during 2012.
Perfect gifts for the Rabbits in 2012 are: