The Ox- Chinese Horoscope

The ox is zodiac sign of prosperity through hard work and fortitude. People born in the year of the Ox are modest, dependable and calm. They are tireless in work, unswervingly patient and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint. These persons need quiet and peace to work. They are extremely systematic in whatever they do, they have very logical mind and can be very stubborn. Ox persons are intelligent though they speak little. They are not extravagant and they will spend sleepless nights if there is possibility of taking serious risk. Sincere and truthful ox doesn't like the idea of dealing in a competitive world. Ox persons are always welcome and have many friends because of their patience and honesty. They are relaxed and sociable with friends, relatives and loved ones. Ox needs time to show feelings and develop intimate relationships but if he/she is committed, their partner will be trusted and loved.
In love ox persons need gentle and truthful partner. The ideal partner for ox person must have the enthusiasm to introduce him/her to new interests but not take risks that threaten the security of the ox. If the ox person has been deceived he/she finds it hard to forgive.
At work ox people have remarkable memories, they are observant and good at reporting on everything they observe. People born in the year of the Ox approach work seriously and they are able to plan meticulously and think clearly when they are not forced into the public eye. They are logical thinkers and skilled organizers. The ox can rise to challenges and deal with unpredictable to some extent but it's more comfortable for them to know the schedule or timetable.
The Ox' ideal jobs are farmer, composer, doctor, landlord, police officer, teacher, judge, cook, banker, gardener, insurance broker.
Zodiac sign: Aquamarine.
Forecast for 2012: The Chinese year of the Rabbit will encourage the Ox. February, March and September will be months when the Ox will receive exciting offers and progress and excellent chance to change the career or its direction. Single Oxen will find themselves in the right place at the right time to meet someone special. For the Ox persons in relationships this year will strengthen them. June, July and October are perfect months for romance and love. It's important for the Ox to stay socially active whether he/she is drawing on friendship or looking for new friends. The Oxen should spend enough time outdoors, have a healthy diet and exercise.
Perfect gifts for the Oxen in 2012 are: