We won't compare oranges and apples here - we know that it's useless. We will find out everything about ORANGE colour and the powers of orange gemstones that you can choose to wear. Orange is the most contradictory colour ever - more often than not: people either love it or hate it. The most beloved shades of orange colour are: peach orange, terra cotta and rust. Orange means security and at the same time sensuality, abundance and at the same time warmth, contentment and fruitfulness. It boosts your appetite and stimulates creativity along with enthusiasm. In such countries like Japan and China orange colour (not a long-established red, as everywhere else) is a symbol of love and happiness. So as you may assume, if you have some orange articles on, all the qualities mentioned before, will follow your personality. Chalcedony, amber (Taurus birthstone), citrine, zircon, opal, sunstone, Montana and Plume agate (a birthstone of Gemini), carnelian (Virgo birthstone) - that is only a short list of orange gemstones existing in the world! Wearing orange gemstone in your necklace or earrings will help you balance your life and emotions, as it is believed that orange gemstones help you during shock and stress times. Also in the belief of the Indians orange is a colour of reproduction and sexuality, so when you want to give birth to a child, it will be an additional factor, which will bring you one step forward to your goal. If you are going to some party, club - in general the place, where there many people are expected to be, put on some earrings with amber gemstones - it's a well-known fact that orange colour persuade people easily into socialization. Also there is such a superstitious belief that if you want to have a certain kind of a change in your life - some turn - you should burn an orange candle during 7 nights.