The Monkey- Chinese Horoscope

The most versatile sign of Chinese zodiac is the Monkey. People born in the year of the Monkey have natural quick-wittedness and they make the right decision because they understand what is happening. They have multiple talents and agile minds. Monkey persons are host and reliable. They are very good at problem-solving so if you have any problem you can call the Monkey and he/she will listen to you closely and work out the solution. Monkey persons are unlikely to hurt someone out of spite yet they never let escape the people who have damaged the reputation of the monkey or have behaved badly. These persons have serene self-confidence and flexible principles. They usually leave the projects and plans if something goes wrong.
The love-life of monkey persons is extremely active. It is filled with quarrels, passion, humour, reconciliation and tears. Monkeys are attracted by excitement of romance and at the beginning of relationships they can be childish and unpredictable. In established relationship monkey persons turn out to be adaptable, supportive and dependable partners. Even after the relationship is over monkey people will be there if ex-partner is in trouble and needs help.
A wide variety of jobs suits people born in the year of Monkey. These people are capable of imaginative and brilliant planning, they are energetic and rather fail after they set themselves a target. Monkey persons, who are well-read, intellectual and intelligent, have good chance to become well-known or famous. They have keen sense of financial situations and are good at assessing risks. Possessing great organizational skills monkey person is perfectly suited for the work involving speedy responses and investigation.
The Monkeys' ideal jobs are therapist, English teacher, counselor, stockbroker, journalist, writer and town planner.
Lucky Numbers for the Monkeys: 3, 4, 5, 7, 16, 23, 34, 45, 54
Zodiac sign: Peridot.
Forecast for 2012: Monkeys involved in creative work such as art or writing will enjoy 2012 which will be inspirational year when their works will be highly regarded. 2012 will offer monkey persons brilliant promotional opportunities and if they will be alert and proactive, they will reap the benefits. The monkey persons seeking work should pay attention to the details. February, September and November will be outstanding months for the career. March to May and December will be socially active months for all monkeys. Many memorable and happy occasions in 2012 will be provided by family and friends. Single Monkeys will have several opportunities to meet someone special at work or through outings with friends. All monkey persons will move forward and leave any regrets and disappointments behind in 2012.
Perfect gifts for the Monkeys in 2012 are: