The Horse- Chinese Horoscope

The Horse persons are extremely confident and independent. They are quick-witted and gifted. The Horses enjoy being in the center of attention and are excited by new discoveries. The genuine warmth and honesty of people born in the year of the Horse attract other people and helping them make new friends. Ready to help with action and with words, the horses are sincerely interested in feelings and thoughts of their friends. They are easily inspired by new ideas and carried away by the excitement without any delay. The horse person may be too impulsive and they need someone around to calm them down. There are many contradictions in the horses' characters: they can be oddly modest in love yet arrogant, sweet-natured yet proud, humble yet conceited, tolerant yet envious. They avoid pressure yet need crave intimacy and love.
People born in the year of the Horse spend much time falling in and out of love. They quickly lose their interest if it's not returned immediately. These emotional adventurers are easily charmed by affection and tenderness. If your partner is born in the year of horse, you can be sure that your relationships won't be boring.
The Horses are usually very active and unconventional business partners. They use their productive imagination and channel all the energies to achieve the goal. They won't stop in learning and mastering a new skill until they are perfect in it. People born in the year of the Horse don't avoid problems, they try to resolve them. They are suited to mentally or physically demanding work and they can make promises recklessly yet feel comfortable taking calculated risks. They certainly have potential to be an inspiring leader but they should learn to hold back in uncontrollable situations.
The Horses' ideal jobs are technician, inventor, athlete, sales person, painter, reporter, administrator, poet, publican, advertising executive, tour guide and teacher.
Lucky Numbers for the Horses: 1, 3, 4, 8, 13, 14, 41, 43
Zodiac stone: Topaz.
Forecast for 2012: The Horse will focus on the career in 2012 when promotional opportunities and unexpected developments will occur. There may be a need to act fast and be alert and therefore the horse persons should watch events carefully. April, May and October and November will be encouraging months to move ahead in work or to find a new job. 2012 is time to re-think diet and fitness. May to September the Horse will be socially busy. December will bring much fun in the friends' company. The Horses will have a financial chance to increase their earrings over the year. March, September and October are perfect months for single Horses to find someone special. Adventurous Horse persons may travel to far places this year.
Perfect gifts for the Horses in 2012 are: