Give yourself the Green light!

What comes to your mind first of all when you think of green colour? Grass, dollars, malachite, green tea, nature, etc - in the whole world green is considered to be a colour of safety. It is not for nothing we can cross roads when traffic lights are green and all over the world ecological volunteers use green as their principal colour. Green is on the second place in the list of people's favourite colours (after blue). When you don't know which colour to choose - take green, as it is the most habitual colour for our eye, it doesn't irritate. Harmony, piece, safety - all these notions are connected with green colour. Jade and malachite, peridot and tourmaline, emerald and agate and many many others - green gemstones will become your green light to your happy future. It doesn't mean that you should go green and join a Greenpeace organization or something (which is by the way not a bad idea). Just get a couple pieces of jewelry adorned by green gemstones. First of all green gemstone in your earrings, for instance, or simply in your bag or somewhere in your house will attract money and wealth. Secondly, it will protect you from different fears and worries - it will calm you down and bring piece and quietness into your life. And thirdly, above all these, green colour somehow helps you to generate new ideas, gain a sense of balance and find a state of balance easier. If you have a stressful and tiring job which demands from you constant tension and inventiveness, then green colour for your jewelry is a great idea and chance to ease your life in some ways. In order not to be green with envy over other's success, be quick to acquire some jewelry with green gemstones!