Children Jewelry Gift Ideas and Measurement Information

Jewelry is not only for adults but for children as well. Children jewelry has universal appeal and there is a tradition of jewelry giving in most families. If you want to make the most memorable gift to your little daughter or son, your niece of nephew, choose jewelry as precious, wearable and nice thing in appreciation of achievement or for her/his birthday. And of course there are definite jewelry perfectly meeting children's needs and making them happy. You will find such jewelry in special children jewelry collections. You may choose children jewelry in precious metals and with precious gemstones as well as inexpensive yet quality jewelry pieces.

  • Clip-on charms available in gold and in sterling silver as well as in not precious materials will be great complement to everyday ensemble of the child. Cartoon badges, animals, hearts and flowers designs are children's favorite.
  • Silver birthstone necklace will be great. It will help the child identify with his/her astral luck and just be favorite sparkling addition to the jewelry collection. Birthstone pendants and charms are available in special designs for girls and boys. Teddy bear birthstone charms are the most popular.
  • Bracelets are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry for children. It's easy to choose the bracelet perfectly matching the personality of your child with wide assortment of charms and designs of bracelets. Jeweled and charmed bracelets, multi-colored patterns and Swarovski crystals are better for girls while boys prefer plain silver bracelets.
  • Personalized children jewelry is great. Badges, pendants, bracelet and bangles can be engraved with the name of your child and children ID bracelets will make your child feel really special.

And to buy the jewelry for children we need to know their actual jewelry size. You just need to have a ruler and a simple string to measure the child.
For the bracelet, measure the wrist tight and add inch for any measurement 5 inches and less or add of inch for any measurement up to 6 inches.
For the necklace, wrap the string around and decide on the length the necklace would hang.
If you have no possibility to measure the child, here are some basic numbers of the purchase size of the bracelet for children of certain age.
One year- 4.5 inshes.
1-2 years- 5.0 inches.
3-4 years- 5.5 inches.
5-7 years- 6.0 inches.
7-10 years- 6.25 inches.
10-14 years- 6.5 inches.
Giving keepsakes that can be worn, you make your child realize how special he/she is and that the hard work at school and accomplishments are noticed and valued. And teach your child to take care of the jewelry, let her/him see how to clean it and value it.