Charm Bracelets and Their Types

"What to choose? May be this elegant antique or that lovely heart-link bracelet?" Such thoughts have been flying in the head of almost any woman while she is shopping for new pieces for her jewelry collection. And it's not easy to make this choice especially if you are searching for universal jewelry. And I can advice you to pay extra attention to charm bracelet because you will easily customize your jewelry any time and any way you want!

Every woman has at least one or several charms which have special meaning for her and the charms which she wears just as decoration. You can attach any of these charms or several to the base bracelet. It is easy and you can change the charms as often as you want to. Now if you have decided to buy a charm bracelet you should choose one more thing- its type.
There are three most popular types of charm bracelets - the Italian, the European and the dangling charm bracelets. The European and Italian charm bracelets have appeared at the market lately and they have more unorthodox charms while the dangling charm bracelets have more traditional charms.
Interlocking links make the base of a dangling charm bracelet which can be in yellow and white gold, silver, stainless steel and other materials. The charms attached to the links and dangling on the wrist can be cast in different shapes- initials, baby booties, birthstones and hearts are only few examples. Dangling charm bracelet is a common choice for children because its links allow the bracelet to be adjustable and fit the child as he/she grows.
Beads rather than dangling of flat charms are used in European charm bracelets and such beads are shaped on around a rope-like bracelet usually made from silver, steel, gold or other materials. The beads can be made from standard jewelry materials such as gold and silver as well as from glass.
The Italian charm bracelets are made from flat charms that interlock each other to form the piece resembling a watch band. The charms on the Italian bracelets feature religious symbols, cartoon characters, musical motifs and other subjects. You can easily interchange the charms and this way change the bracelet any time you choose.
So, shopping for beautiful and universal jewelry for you or your friends and close one, remember that a charm bracelet is unique piece of jewelry which won't go out of fashion because you can easily change the charms and make it look new and up-to-date.