What is Glow in the Dark Jewelry

Glow in the dark jewelry is known for its popularity everywhere- in nightclubs and even in Disneyland because it serves a variety of purposes. It can be used as safety device for children on Halloween or as decoration. There are two methods usually used to make the jewelry glow. For some jewelry the same technology as glow sticks is used. Such jewelry producing glowing effect comes in the form of necklaces and bracelets. There is a tube containing a mixture of fluorescent dye and phenyl oxlyate. There is a smaller glass tube with hydrogen peroxide inside the first tube. The inner glass tube breaks when the necklace is bent and it results in mixing the content and chemical reaction providing energy in the form of light. Such bracelets and necklaces can't be turned off.
Other type of glow in the dark jewelry has a battery-powered LED light. This light attached to the backing of the jewelry and can be made into pins, earrings and rings. Tongue rings and navel rings production uses such setup. The LED light flashes on and off and creates a strobe effect. The light is placed inside glass or plastic casing often in designs with flowers, happy faces and hearts. The battery can be replaced making this type of glow in the dark jewelry more durable.