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History of Earrings and the Modern Earrings Types

History of earrings dates back more than 4 thousand years. The continent of Asia is the place of origins and roots of earrings wearing. The evidence of paintings and sculptures which date back several thousand of years tell us that both men and women wore earrings in India. Nowadays Indian women still wear earrings to make the childbirth easier.

Renaissance Jewelry

Our history is our past and future and our world passed numerous epochs and times. Some were tragic and unhappy, some calmer and better. Renaissance is one of the most interesting times in the world history (the 14th-the 17th) when in the late 15th people began the long "travel" in the search of beauty. And jewelry was the important part of this search. Jewelry began to take more accentuated meaning of being decorative things and ornamentation for beauty and symbolized wealth. During those tense years the rich used jewels as the easily exchangeable and portable type of money. The essential part of the jewelry of the Renaissance made pelicans, parrots and other exotic animals because the jewelry copied beautiful things of real life. The Renaissance jewelry was available in exotic and vivid colors. Large stone with smaller jewels on it was widespread design of jewelry pieces.
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Jewelry of the Victorian Era

Do you like antique style, elegant jewelry? It is mainly inspired by Victorian jewelry and here is some information about the Victorian era in British history when this fine jewelry was produced.
The Victorian Era is associated with elegance, romanticism and the innocence of a time. This era gad great cultural impact on cultures closely related to Britain and on Britain itself. It lasted from 1837 to 1901. A number of fashion and style trends were set in Britain by Queen Victoria during this period which is associated with formal modes of dress, rigid rules of etiquette and fussy home decor.

Charm Bracelets and Their Types

"What to choose? May be this elegant antique or that lovely heart-link bracelet?" Such thoughts have been flying in the head of almost any woman while she is shopping for new pieces for her jewelry collection. And it's not easy to make this choice especially if you are searching for universal jewelry. And I can advice you to pay extra attention to charm bracelet because you will easily customize your jewelry any time and any way you want!

Hip Hop Jewelry Fashion

Hip hop culture is highly respected nowadays. Most young people listen to rap and enjoy the bits and texts full of the truth, life and reality. Hip hop is the style of life and thinking as well as it influences the wardrobe. And here we'll speak about hip hop jewelry.

Necklaces Types and Styles

Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is available in variety of shapes, designs, styles and materials nowadays. It's not always easy to decide what necklace is best suited for definite occasion. You can mix several necklaces to compliment your neckline and to show your individuality. But of course there are some types of necklaces that are more popular and are more often chosen.

Enamel Charms

A charm of silver or gold metal painted on with a fire-resistant paint is called an enamel charm. This process is similar to the one used in ceramic surface. After the paint is applied it must be fired and the enamel charms are unique each in its own way because colors of the paint always vary in some degree. The process used to create enamel charms makes them maintain shine, vibrancy and color for a very long time.
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What is Cubic Zirconia

What is cubic zirconia? Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone resembling a diamond very closely which has inexpensive price tag. Because of these characteristics cubic zirconia is extremely popular gem used in such jewelry as pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and belly button rings. Cubic zirconia used in jewelry nowadays is synthetic but it is inspired by zirconium oxide first discovered in 1892 which is natural but too rare to bring commercial profits. Soviet and German scientists holding experiments eventually melted zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide together at high temperature andto grow crystals of cubic zirconia in the lab.

Costume Jewelry

Among the variety of jewelry available nowadays costume jewelry is the most popular for casual wear as well as parties and going outs. Costume jewelry is made of imitations of precious stones and cheap metals. It is flashy and popular among people who want to have jewelry with a hint of fun as well as among set and fashion designers.
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What is a Choker Necklace

What is a chocker necklace or simply a chocker? Its name implies that it could choke the wearer if it were slightly tighter. Chocker is a necklace fitting very tightly around the neck. It sits around the throat like a collar without draping down to the chest or collarbone.

Buying Jewelry for a Woman

One of the best gifts for a woman is jewelry. Fine and chic jewelry is what any woman will be happy to receive and of course she should like its design and style. So, buying jewelry for your wife, lover, sister or mother you should take into account some things before you make the final choice.
What jewelry has she already got? If she has many rings and earrings with gemstones, she would probably be glad to receive a lovely two-tone bracelet or an elegant

The Types of Watches for Different Occasions

Men also wear and like accessories, especially those which don't only define their style, but which are useful. And there is no better accessory for men than a watch. Let's discuss the four types of watches on different occasions.
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Your Woman and Jewelry-Why What How

Why is it important to understand the fact that your woman loves jewelry, needs it and let her enjoy her hobby? Don't ask yourself this question! Just make your loved one happy and give her attention and care she needs and splendid jewelry gifts as often as you can!
Of course, not all women like the same jewelry but they like it, each in her way. Even if she doesn't wear it at all or she does it seldom, it doesn't mean she isn't dreaming of a huge collection of lovely bracelets, gorgeous rings, exquisite chains and magnificent earrings!
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Toe Rings

Summer always comes too suddenly and it's better to be prepared for it beforehand. One of the hottest summer jewelry fashions is a toe ring and sterling silver toe rings are on the top of popularity. When you are on the beach, your nice feet and toes will look great with a stylish anklet and a lovely toe ring on them.
Toe rings have a rich history and are symbolic within certain cultures.

What Should We Know About Jewelry

Jewelry has become integral part of our life and there are some facts we should know about it to keep our jewelry good-looking, to make the right choice and to feel comfortable wearing this or that jewelry piece.

Why People Wear Jewelry For Thousand of Years

Jewelry has been known to humanity for millennia and there have always been various reasons for wearing it. Time, culture, styles and other factors influence it. Depending on time and place, the designs and styles of jewelry vary greatly. But there are some common facts such as, for example, the higher the social status of person, more expensive material of jewelry. There are also unique examples- Victorian Imperialists wore jewelry from animal bones as Neolithic man did.


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