Something blue?

In China this colour means immortality, in the Ukraine - health, in South Africa - happiness - all this is blue, which is considered to be the most positive and the safest of all colours of the world. What things do you associate with blue - sea, the sky, your mother? Blue is considered to be a calming and sedative colour (though it depends on the shade - this can't be said about aquamarine or turquoise (which is by the way is a symbol of youth) blue). There no big gender preferences with this colour - it appeals both to women and men. Cleanness and purity are also associated with blue (that's why powders are usually blue). Among gemstones women will find dozens of different blue ones - every woman will be able to choose one to her taste and liking, or her birthstone and charm, etc. Agate, opal, tanzanite, sapphire, topaz, zircon, aquamarine, tourmaline and many more! Just imagine an elegant blue tourmaline ring on your finger and a matching pair of earrings or a sapphire necklace and a bracelet! With such kind of jewelry you'll become the centre of attention at any party or dinner party and you'll feel yourself a queen in any life situations - whether it is a job interview or meeting your boyfriend's best friend! By the way, it a well-known fact that in blue rooms people produce more ideas - this means that with the help of blue accessories you can be more witty and sharp. I think everyone would agree that these qualities are not the useless ones while communicating with people. Not in vain they say "She is of the blue blood" - jewelry with blue gemstones is the way to success!