Helix Piercing

Helix piercing is also called daith piercing or ear cuff helix piercing. It is one of the most extravagant forms of ear piercing, so now it's popular and frequently used preference of modern people. You can placed it in any area of the folded part of your ear. Most suitable types of jewelry for this type ot piercing are rings or studs. Small elegant earrings look quite attractive. You only should control the size of earrings.
helix piercing jewelry and process

To Pierce or Not to Pierce

Ear piercing has a long history. Now it's back with the hottest trends! One of the most popular designs is big gauge piercing which is extraordinary and doesn't let you pass unnoticed. There is a safe way of making a big gauge opening in an ear. It's stretching. The earlobe gets simply stretched with various hole expanders, tunnels and plugs of all possible sizes. It gives you a chance to try all possible designs. Wide choice of modern supplies and materials allows making picky choices.

History of Earrings and the Modern Earrings Types

History of earrings dates back more than 4 thousand years. The continent of Asia is the place of origins and roots of earrings wearing. The evidence of paintings and sculptures which date back several thousand of years tell us that both men and women wore earrings in India. Nowadays Indian women still wear earrings to make the childbirth easier.

Renaissance Jewelry

Our history is our past and future and our world passed numerous epochs and times. Some were tragic and unhappy, some calmer and better. Renaissance is one of the most interesting times in the world history (the 14th-the 17th) when in the late 15th people began the long "travel" in the search of beauty. And jewelry was the important part of this search. Jewelry began to take more accentuated meaning of being decorative things and ornamentation for beauty and symbolized wealth. During those tense years the rich used jewels as the easily exchangeable and portable type of money. The essential part of the jewelry of the Renaissance made pelicans, parrots and other exotic animals because the jewelry copied beautiful things of real life. The Renaissance jewelry was available in exotic and vivid colors. Large stone with smaller jewels on it was widespread design of jewelry pieces.
renassance necklace

Beautiful Pearl Jewelry Cleaning and Care

Pearl jewelry is one of the most elegant and beautiful in the world and pearls have been closed to humility, harmony and purity which are associated with marriage. White, pink or cream pearl earrings and necklace are standard jewelry for weddings. If you love high quality pearl jewelry and have several pieces of it in your jewelry collection, you should remember that pearl is one of the most fragile gem of all and you should wear and care for your pearl jewelry with all possible care. And here are some pieces of advice on pearl jewelry wear and storage.

Jewelry of the Victorian Era

Do you like antique style, elegant jewelry? It is mainly inspired by Victorian jewelry and here is some information about the Victorian era in British history when this fine jewelry was produced.
The Victorian Era is associated with elegance, romanticism and the innocence of a time. This era gad great cultural impact on cultures closely related to Britain and on Britain itself. It lasted from 1837 to 1901. A number of fashion and style trends were set in Britain by Queen Victoria during this period which is associated with formal modes of dress, rigid rules of etiquette and fussy home decor.

Charm Bracelets and Their Types

"What to choose? May be this elegant antique or that lovely heart-link bracelet?" Such thoughts have been flying in the head of almost any woman while she is shopping for new pieces for her jewelry collection. And it's not easy to make this choice especially if you are searching for universal jewelry. And I can advice you to pay extra attention to charm bracelet because you will easily customize your jewelry any time and any way you want!

Hip Hop Jewelry Fashion

Hip hop culture is highly respected nowadays. Most young people listen to rap and enjoy the bits and texts full of the truth, life and reality. Hip hop is the style of life and thinking as well as it influences the wardrobe. And here we'll speak about hip hop jewelry.

Necklaces Types and Styles

Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is available in variety of shapes, designs, styles and materials nowadays. It's not always easy to decide what necklace is best suited for definite occasion. You can mix several necklaces to compliment your neckline and to show your individuality. But of course there are some types of necklaces that are more popular and are more often chosen.

What is Glow in the Dark Jewelry

For some jewelry the same technology as glow sticks is used. Such jewelry producing glowing effect comes in the form of necklaces and bracelets. There is a tube containing a mixture of fluorescent dye and phenyl oxlyate.
Other type of glow in the dark jewelry has a battery-powered LED light. This light attached to the backing of the jewelry and can be made into pins, earrings and rings. Tongue rings and navel rings production uses such setup.
glowing belly button barbell Led blinking tongue barbell

Enamel Charms

A charm of silver or gold metal painted on with a fire-resistant paint is called an enamel charm. This process is similar to the one used in ceramic surface. After the paint is applied it must be fired and the enamel charms are unique each in its own way because colors of the paint always vary in some degree. The process used to create enamel charms makes them maintain shine, vibrancy and color for a very long time.
enameled charms

Children Jewelry Gift Ideas and Measurement Information

Jewelry is not only for adults but for children as well. Children jewelry has universal appeal and there is a tradition of jewelry giving in most families. If you want to make the most memorable gift to your little daughter or son, your niece of nephew, choose jewelry as precious, wearable and nice thing in appreciation of achievement or for her/his birthday. And of course there are definite jewelry perfectly meeting children's needs and making them happy. You will find such jewelry in special children jewelry collections. You may choose children jewelry in precious metals and with precious gemstones as well as inexpensive yet quality jewelry pieces.

Costume Jewelry

Among the variety of jewelry available nowadays costume jewelry is the most popular for casual wear as well as parties and going outs. Costume jewelry is made of imitations of precious stones and cheap metals. It is flashy and popular among people who want to have jewelry with a hint of fun as well as among set and fashion designers.
costume jewelry

What is a Conch Piercing

What is a conch piercing? It is a form of ear piercing through the cartilage. It may involve the outer or inner conch of the ear. The process of conch piercing is done with some sort of sterilized gun or needle. Needles are chosen more often because they are more precise than guns which can make error. During the process the area is hold in place by a clamp. Conch piercing has almost no risk of being displaced or rejected by the body.

What is a Choker Necklace

What is a chocker necklace or simply a chocker? Its name implies that it could choke the wearer if it were slightly tighter. Chocker is a necklace fitting very tightly around the neck. It sits around the throat like a collar without draping down to the chest or collarbone.

Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

Modern world requires from people not only professional skills but real self-confidence and attractive outlook. People have been trying to find the ways to look better and more attractive for centuries. We have invented and used clothes, accessories, diets, sport, meditation, make-up and jewelry, of course, for this and others reasons. Body piercing jewelry is ancient type of body decoration that is in vogue nowadays.

Navel Piercing and Jewelry

The choice of jewelry nowadays is very huge and there are multiple types of piercing that have become so popular that we don't even realize that 30 years ago, for example, the society would protest against it. Making the choice of piercing type we take into consideration our lifestyle, our favorite body parts, the degree of acceptance in society and just feel what piercing is for us and what not.

The Tiger- Chinese Horoscope

The Tiger type of people has magnetic characters and they are difficult to resist. They are warm-hearted and calm yet fearsome and tempestuous, soft in unexpected places yet courageous in the face of danger. The Tiger persons like meet outstanding people and visiting unusual places. They are not afraid to explore unusual and new and it's rather difficult to interest the Tiger. People born in the year of the Tiger need first-hand experience. They used to trust their instincts.

Nostril Piercing and Jewelry

Body piercing is the hit of the modern society and million of teens all over the world as well as numerous adults including celebrities pierce the body for the sake of beauty and as the way to show off the best parts of the body. Piercing is versatile and any person can find something matching his/her own understanding of beauty and style. There are various types of piercing that are always in sight and most of them look really elegant and attractive.

The snake- Chinese Horoscope

The Snake persons are the most enigmatic and the wisest of all. They can become a political lizard, a philosopher, a wily financier or a theologian. They like to live well, love music, books, fine food and clothes. The Snakes don't like foolish talks and frivolities. They like interesting communication and communicating and they enjoy intelligent discussions and unusual ideas. They are able to judge situations correctly and be alert to new possibilities.

The Rat- Chinese Horoscope

People born in the year of the Rat are very sociable and they are full of vivacity and charm. The Rats are ambitious and strong-willed. If something goes wrong, the rat person is the first who will see and take the advantage of the opportunity while others are wondering what to do and how to react. Their humor and lively wit complete any party and they really enjoy all forms of social interaction. The rat people are extremely hard-working. They believe in what they are doing and do it with all their heart.

Your Graduation Party

Graduation party is one of the most important and bright events in the life of girls and boys all over the world. And it's important to choose the way you'll dress there. And the choice should be dictated by the tone of graduation party.
The most parties and before them require classical and elegant outlook and the first and the most important is your magnificent and chic graduation dress, nice shoes and accessories.

Gift Ideas for a Little Girl

Children are our pride, love and the god's best gifts. If you or your friends have luck to have a little daughter and you are searching for the gifts for a little princess, here is the list of some things you can shower her with and make her happy. Nice clothes- Every girl enjoys dressing up and this gift is really useful. You'll also enjoy the way your little girl looks in a beautiful dress or stylish skirt and a blouse.

The Ram- Chinese Horoscope

The Ram (the Goat) is the most feminine sign of the zodiac and very creative sign. People born in the year of the Ram have a great sense of fashion and are artistically talented. There is a big chance for the Rams to choose a profession where they can create beautiful things and there are many talented painters and designers among the Rams. The Ram persons try not to hurt somebody's feelings and think before acting. They easily deal with life's ups and downs and maintain healthy social life.

The Rabbit- Chinese Horoscope

The Rabbit persons get on well with all people and have culture, grace and beautiful manners. People born in the year of Rabbit are really happy when they are engrossed in intellectual activity and feel uncomfortable in aggressive and competitive environment. The inner world of the Rabbit is too delicate and he/she tends to create comfortable and peaceful atmosphere around. That makes them attentive and hospitable people leading a conservative lifestyle where security is one of the most important things.

Buying Jewelry for a Woman

One of the best gifts for a woman is jewelry. Fine and chic jewelry is what any woman will be happy to receive and of course she should like its design and style. So, buying jewelry for your wife, lover, sister or mother you should take into account some things before you make the final choice.
What jewelry has she already got? If she has many rings and earrings with gemstones, she would probably be glad to receive a lovely two-tone bracelet or an elegant

The Rooster- Chinese Horoscope

The Rooster persons are very observant, accurate and precise. They love entertaining friends and meeting new people, love to be in the center of attention and they are often well dressed and critical about their appearance as well as about the appearance of their friends and loved ones. The Rooster people like to be flattered and noticed and though they may dress flashily they are conservative in heart.

The Pig- Chinese Horoscope

The Pig persons are straightforward, patient and honest. They prefer to work quietly behind the scenes and is always ready to help when others disappear. People born in the year of the Pig always have many friends and acquaintances though there are only few friends who share their inner feelings and thoughts and understand them. The Pig will never let you down. He/she simply wants to do everything according to the social control. The Pig type is conservative and modest, they love nature and enjoy going to the country or somewhere else far from the city.

The Ox- Chinese Horoscope

The ox is zodiac sign of prosperity through hard work and fortitude. People born in the year of the Ox are modest, dependable and calm. They are tireless in work, unswervingly patient and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint. These persons need quiet and peace to work. They are extremely systematic in whatever they do, they have very logical mind and can be very stubborn.

The Monkey- Chinese Horoscope

The most versatile sign of Chinese zodiac is the Monkey. People born in the year of the Monkey have natural quick-wittedness and they make the right decision because they understand what is happening. They have multiple talents and agile minds. Monkey persons are host and reliable. They are very good at problem-solving so if you have any problem you can call the Monkey and he/she will listen to you closely and work out the solution.